A Member of UofL's "Winning Team"

Paul Burchell with his son

Paul Burchell with son, Gabe (UofL '19)

Growing up in eastern Kentucky, Paul  Burchell, the oldest of five boys, took a job mowing the grass at a local funeral home to have a bit of spending money. As his responsibilities gradually increased, attending and completing mortuary school was a natural next step after high school.

"I've worked hard all my life, and this is all I've ever done," Paul states. "You've definitely got to crawl before you walk."

In this regard, purchasing a funeral home of his own in 1999 was an important step in solidifying his career. Now that his wife, one son and his daughter all work alongside him, a family tradition has been established.

Paul Burchell with his family

Paul Burchell and his wife, Melissa, with Gabe (UofL '19), who was a catcher for Cardinal Baseball

Although his father's death prevented Paul from adding a UofL degree to his credentials, Paul is a tremendous advocate for the University of Louisville in eastern Kentucky and an active member of the Alumni Association. As an "adopted alumnus," Paul's long-term goal has been to "open local eyes" to UofL as an excellent educational option.

"UofL wants to make a mark. The students who come to UofL from very diverse backgrounds also want to make a mark." Of this combination, Paul says, "If I'm on a team, I want to be on a winning team—and UofL is that winning team."

This past spring, Paul was pleased to see his son, Gabriel, among the University's 3,200 graduates; in addition to teaching in eastern Kentucky, Gabe is an apprentice in the family business.

To make his own enduring mark, Paul explored multiple giving options for creating a financial aid endowment to benefit students from eastern Kentucky. Ultimately, he settled on a gift of life insurance by making UofL both the owner and beneficiary of a policy.

"It's a gift that doesn't break the bank," Paul notes. "A lot of people want to give but don't know they can make a very big impact without emptying their bank account or affecting their family or business."

An added bonus is that Paul's annual premium payments on the policy qualify for a charitable deduction.

To learn more about options for including the University of Louisville in your estate plan, please contact the Office for Estate and Gift Planning at plannedgifts@louisville.edu or (502) 852-5051.