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Ken and Kathy Henderson

Ken and Kathy Henderson

Having overseen the construction of seven intensive-care nurseries, served on the faculty of four medical schools, been the medical director of Central Georgia’s hospital system, and participated in over 800 hearings related to Medicaid fraud and abuse, Ken Henderson, 67MD, has always been fascinated with medicine’s complex financial side.

Reflecting back on several decades as a health care executive, Ken observes, “When managing multimillion dollar budgets, I always wished that I had a discretionary fund to do things that I saw as unbudgeted priorities.”

With this thought motivating him, Ken and his wife, Kathy, an accomplished event planner and a former award-winning account executive for major cosmetic companies, drafted their estate plan to include an endowed discretionary fund for the Office of the President at the University of Louisville.

A native of western Kentucky, Ken traces his loyalty to the University of Louisville to the scholarship he received to attend medical school, where he specialized in pediatrics/neonatology.

“This scholarship, plus the fellowship I received to work alongside Sir Wilfred Sheldon, the Queen’s pediatrician, at the Hospital for Sick Children in London, literally changed my life,” observed Ken. Not only did this year in London introduce Ken to some of the top pediatricians in the world, but it “transformed a small-town farm boy” into an appreciator of art and wine, interests that played a role in bringing Ken and Kathy together.

For both Kathy and Ken, philanthropy is another shared value. Whether supporting their local parish, chairing charity fundraising events, or, in the case of Kathy’s family, donating the famous Gimmel train whistle that sounds with Cardinal touchdowns, they seek to better their community by encouraging strong leadership. Their estate gift will do just this.

For more information on including a future gift to the University of Louisville in your estate, please email or call (502) 852-5051.